The most elaborate and realistic version among those you could actually own. Create your own home gallery with the collection of the most beautiful statues in the world.

Many people are having a hard time due to COVID-19, but we are all doing our best to overcome it. We are also having difficulty producing existing products due to COVID-19, so we are unable to properly produce sculptures yet.

In the meantime, we had an opportunity to make new sculptures in a new production process. Unlike the sculptures you’ve seen so far, these sculptures show the shapes of the human muscle for educational purposes, which will helpful for many students or professionals who are studying the human body. These sculptures are made from 3D printing. The sculptures you have purchased so far are reproductions of 3D printed sculptures through the molding/casting process, but these sculptures are created from the exact 3D printed state. The sculptures so far are made of a specific material to create a stone-like feeling, which is weak against shock, but these 3D printed sculptures are shock-resistant with excellent durability. Unfortunately, this new production method is unable to produce existing products because it is unable to use the material that gives the stone-like feeling. We will continue to do our best to find ways to produce existing sculptures.

We hope you will also like these newly made sculptures.

New Product Launch
Human Male Anatomy Model 1/6th scale : flesh & superficial muscle

New Product Launch
 Human Male Anatomy Model 1/6th scale : superficial muscle system




Premium Quality

The most elaborate
and realistic version

LOARTS is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality sculptures.
Enjoy your favorite statues in your living room.

Ancient Greek Sculpture

This beautiful sculpture has been recreated in a form that can be stored at home so that the people can enjoy it up close.
"I tried to maintain the characteristics that the original sculpture had and restore parts that were worn-out from the traces of time."

Loartz first statue

"I spent a lot of time trying to recreate Jesus's emotions and feelings when he was crucified and the beauty of the human body. "


"what would it look like if Venus from Sandro Botticelli's painting was standing in a beautiful figure as a statue?"


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What is LOARTZ

3D Sculpting Art

What is LOARTZ?

LOARTZ is a small family-based firm that sells statues and related products.
All statues on Loartz.com are created by 3D artist E Lo.
Please visit the 'ABOUT LO' page and learn more about our artist.
If you want to know how we make 3D sculptures, check out the 'HOW WE CREATE' page.


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What people say about us


"We were overjoyed as to its beauty which manifested quite strongly to the tactile and visual senses. We are looking forward to more art works from this creator who now has an online presence LOARTZ. We are quite excited really."
Leonard Glenroy Lie
"The statue is really beautiful, details make the Christ's expression very deep and realistic. Good quality moreover."
"I was overjoyed when I received the Venus statue as a gift! As an artist myself, I could not stop admiring it for all the painstaking attention to detail and obvious amount of passion that went into creating the work. "
Cheri Fojtik
"The Venus statue is beautiful, elegant, and manages to perfectly capture the magical spirit of the painting. From any angle the figure is both familiar and new, as you get to appreciate a timeless piece of art from new perspectives"
Matt Kiefer


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