DIGITAL - The Birth of Venus by LOARTZ

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This is a sculpture that I designed and sculpted. It all started from thinking, 'what would it look like if Venus from Sandro Botticelli's painting was standing in a beautiful figure as a statue?'
Venus from the picture is boasting her beautiful figure, but if it were to become a sculpture in real life, most of the body parts would be distorted. I tried to maintain the original figure as far as I could, while it doesn't feel too awkward. The Venus in the picture is tilted sideways because of the wind blowing from the side, but if I were to convey that to the sculpture, it would look a little unstable. So I made it look more stable by slightly changing the slope of its legs. The clam that Venus stands on and the waves beneath it are also carved out like a sculpture.

However, there was a limitation in carving the thin hair. At first, I expressed hare hair as one piece like other sculptures, but then the hair part broke during delivery. So I separated the hair and put a magnet inside to make it easier to reassemble. I didn't want to separate the finished statue like this, but it was a choice for the safe shipping of the statue. Please understand. I hope you like my statue.


 * All statues in are recreated and designed by LOARTZ Vancouver, Canada.
Once digital sculpting is complete, then the model is 3D printed and cast by the world's top artisans in Hong Kong who have been doing this professionally for years.



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The Birth of Venus Painting

The original Birth of Venus is a painting by the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli made in the mid-1480s. It depicts the goddess Venus arriving at the shore after her birth. This is among the most famous paintings in the world, and icons of the Italian Renaissance.

The Birth of Venus by LOARTZ
Design Process

The Venus that I see in the painting has unparalleled beauty, but also a very unique figure as the goddess of beauty. Making this improbable figurine into a sculpture certainly was not easy: what may seem beautiful on a painting may seem weird and out-of-place for a sculpture. For example, this shifting of Venus to the right may not seem so bizarre in a painting, but it can appear highly unstable in a 3D sculpture. Also, her elongated anatomy is rather improbable and exaggerated, and when one tries to recreate this in sculpture it may look crooked and bizarre to the naked eye. So initially I recreated the Venus as-is into the sculpture. Then, I made changes to it to maintain the integrity of the original piece while making the sculpture look less bizarre and more beautiful and stable. Also, for increased support for Venus standing atop the seashell, I changed the shape of the seashell while adding a wave-shaped stand underneath the seashell so Venus could stand alone without any additional support.

Sculpture Detail
I designed and sculpted the original model myself, and artists who are recognized as the top of the industry do the actual production of the sculpture. So even though it may be a little costly to finish the artwork itself, it calls for the best sculpture with the best quality

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