I've been producing computer graphics for Hollywood movies for the last ten years. I've made various characters that appear in numerous films. With that technology, I'm collaborating with the world's best craftsmen to create the world's best sculptures.


As you can see from the sculptures, it's different from the ones you can buy. I can't find a statue that can follow my statue in detail or realism. Although it can be expensive compared to other sculptures, it is because the process and technology of creating the sculptures require that much unit cost. I hope you enjoy the beautiful sculpture created by the hands of the world's best experts. Here's a brief description of how they were made.


: Production Process


First of all, we decide which statue we want to make and collect all the materials we can find. Then, 3D Artist Lo who is living in North America uses computer sculpting software or digital sculpting to carve details, just like creating computer graphic characters used in movies. This process takes at least a few months.

After that, we use a 3D printer to create prototypes


After prototypes are printed manually mold and cast them, which we asked the world's top experts in Hong Kong who have been doing this professionally for years. Not only our sculptures but also the world's most famous 3D printing/sculptures are made in their hands. These hand-made sculptures are hand-crafted and packaged after finishing and quality control, and are finally ready for delivery. Then, when the orders are made, they will be shipped directly from the factory.



: Advantages of Using a Computer to Make Sculptures

If the sculptures are hand-crafted, there certainly will be much effort put into the work. However, the production speed will be too slow, the quality of the production will not be constant, and the outcome will be too expensive. Also, I tried to restore the damaged parts of the sculpture to the extent that they maintained the original feel, not just copying the original sculpture itself. On the other hand, if I use digital sculpting and 3D printing techniques, I could carve out every detail of the sculpture easily with the number of details I want to produce. This means that every people who purchase the sculpture will receive a sculpture with optimum quality. If I were making only one sculpture, then it would be meaningful to create it with my hand. LOARTZ is the best way to produce the best sculpture with a size to be placed at home. In the future, the customers will also be able to purchase custom-made sculptures depending on their needs, from small pendant size to a house size sculpture.